My CV, in perhaps too exhaustive of detail.

Table of contents

General Information

Full Name Gil Rosenthal
Title Nerd
Languages English, French, Latin, (Modern) Greek


  • 2023
    Masters of Science in Computer Science
    University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    • Accelerated Master's program, completing PhD coursework in my fourth year at UChicago. My thesis, linked below, was on Novel Transformer methods for Neural Machine Translation from Latin to English.
    • GPA: 4.0
  • 2023
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, specializing in Machine Learning
    University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
    • Completed my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science, with a specialization in Machine Learning and related-field specialization in Linguistics. Studied abroad in Athens, Greece for Spring 2022.
    • GPA: 3.95, Summa Cum Laude, elected to Phi Beta Kappa


  • 2023-Present
    PDT Partners
    • Associate (Role details confidential)
  • 2023-2023
    Course Grader
    University of Chicago Computer Science Department
    • Grade 60 students in CMSC 22240: Computer Architecture for Scientists (and other non-engineers) in Winter Quarter 2023
  • 2022-2022
    Summer Technology Analyst
    PDT Partners
    • Summer Technology Analyst (Role details confidential)
  • 2021-2021
    Operations R&D Intern
    Onshape, a PTC Company
    • Proposed, designed, and implemented Pythia (named after the oracle at Delphi), a predictive autoscaling manager for Onshape server AWS instances using Machine Learning
    • Wrote custom parser and data pipeline to collect real-time and historical information on traffic and server utilization metrics
    • Created a model using XGBoost and Pytorch Transformers to forecast future traffic metrics
    • Created a model using Pytorch and to predict server utilization based on traffic metrics, and automatically scale according to these predictions to minimize Quality of Service Violations
  • 2020-2021
    Research Assistant
    University of Chicago Center for Data and Computing
    • Worked under Professor Rebecca Willett conducting research using machine learning and deep learning to improve sub-seasonal weather forecasting
  • 2020-2020
    Software Engineering Intern
    Payette Associates
    • Created a custom Power BI visual using React, TypeScript, Three.js, and Speckle to integrate the firm’s architectural models into Power BI dashboards, with features matching those shipped natively by Microsoft
    • Developed a custom Lab Planning Web App using React, Redux (Logux), MongoDB, and Express, a real-time collaborative exploratory tool for architects to plan prospective experimental labs and generate presentation-ready graphics for display to clients
  • 2019-2020
    Student Representative
    UChicago Techb@r
    • Provide tech support and IT aid to students and faculty, as well as manage the checkout and borrowing of the Techb@r's library of resources.
  • 2019-2019
    Software Engineering Intern
    • Create a client-facing frontend and backend for data management with the company’s proprietary data storage methods using React, TypeScript, and GraphQL
    • Create an internal-facing tracking application for use inside a chemistry lab to track the progress of various tasks using React, TypeScript, and GraphQL
    • Create a Terminal UI and CLI client using TypeScript for clients to interact with the data management API on headless machines
    • Translate real-world internal processes and objects into an abstract GraphQL datamodel for use across software
  • 2017-2018
    Web Scraper Design and Programming
    • Create web scrapers to programmatically and automatically gather information about real estate transactions and deeds for pipeline processing
  • 2016-2018
    Database and Website Design
    The Hamilton Company
    • Create a database and website front-end for internal property management, and intern with the IT department.
  • 2016-2019 Summers
    Mass Audubon Camps
    • Teach and instruct children on the nature around us, and ensure the children get the most from their experience

Open Source Projects

  • 2022-2023
    Latin-English Parallel Translations
    • 101k aligned Latin to English Parallel Translations, the largest such corpus available.
  • 2022-2023
    • Open Source Latin-English Machine Translation pipeline, beating Google Translate by over 4 BLEU points.

Honors and Awards

  • 2022
    • Phi Beta Kappa Inductee
    • Neo Scholar
  • 2021
    • Robert Maynard Hutchins Scholar
  • 2019
    • Presidential Scholar Nominee

Academic Interests

  • Machine Learning
    • Neural Machine Translation
    • Digital Humanities + Classics
    • Automatic Archiving
  • Systems
    • Platform Automation
    • Network Redundancy Designs